Android vs Apple iOS: The War is Over

I officially and hereby unequivocably declare that the war between the Android and Apple operating systems is over.  And the winner is… drum roll required…..Apple.

And how do I know?  I used both and it is obvious.

Ok, stand down faithful Android developer we don’t need to engage in fisticuffs.  This is not a random declaration. I used no less than two devices, using each operating system and scientifically compared them.  The criteria were extensive…does it work and do I like it.  Two checks for Apple….two question marks for Android.

Alright, feel free to send me your list of reasons why one is better than the other…the open operating system versus tightly controlled, Android marketplace vs iTunes or iStore, the sheer number of Android capable devices that are flooding the market, Apple’s oppressive control of apps and profits, etc, etc.   Regardless, I predict a cloudy forecast that will make the differentiation between the two over time more difficult than the determination Bill Clinton’s political gender during the late ’90’s.

Yes, the diehard developers on both sides can take the battle to the streets and argue both sides, ad naseum….And both parties will win some skirmishes on particular battlefields.  But when it really comes down to it, the average and majority of users just want to use their particular devices to perform those menial and repetitive tasks that have become part of our daily portable connectivity existence….and they want the results to be easy, reliable, and predictable.  Some people want to make beer and some just want to drink it.  I’m okay with both but when I want to drink it, I want to know what I am getting, and I don’t want to have to crack five cans to find one that isn’t all foam.  Android appears to make some pretty good beer, at least as good as the Apple beer, but I have opened more than a few cans that were flat or all fizz.  And I am not alone based on my perusing of the chat sites and message boards.

I had the opportunity to check out two Android-based devices recently, one an iPad knock-off and another a 7″ tablet.  Both a fraction of the cost of a similar Apple device and both left me disappointed in their ease of use and performance.  It is hardware or software?  I don’t know, I don’t care.  When it was all said and done, I went back to my Apple devices to get something done, as the reliability of the same app or function on Android and Apple iOS was greatly different.  And did I mention the number of Android devices on the market running different versions of Android and the level of confusion about which ones could be updated and how, and what the differences are and why?

I would have been happy to say Android has satisfied my needs and given me the flexibility and reliability that I want.  I purchased hardware with just that in mind, so I was willing to give it a shot.  As I said earlier, my guess is that day will come. And that day will be when Android more closely approximates the Apple model for control, if it is not already happening.

In the meantime, send me your thoughts and comments.  I’ll get back you from my iPad or iPhone.


Updated: 5/7/2014- As promised in the above paragraph from 2011, a time would come when this discussion needs revisiting… handles the conversation nicely with this article.



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Tod is a senior corporate leader with 20 years of experience managing business operations in numerous functional areas, with a focus on developing and marketing business to business technology solutions to world-wide high tech markets that allow customers to operate their business more efficiently by driving out costs, improving productivity, and creating value for their clients.
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