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Tod is a senior corporate leader with 20 years of experience managing business operations in numerous functional areas, with a focus on developing and marketing business to business technology solutions to world-wide high tech markets that allow customers to operate their business more efficiently by driving out costs, improving productivity, and creating value for their clients.

Smart Growth. Are you growing your business efficiently?

In a recent executive discussion, we batted around the topic of growing our product sales in our target markets more predictably and with sustained results.  With our specialized business-to-business product offering, we have found that marketing to the masses does not … Continue reading

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Henry Ford’s – My Life and Work…Still Pertinent Nearly 100 Years Later

Henry Ford’s penned an autobiography in 1922…My Life and Work.  But as an autobiography, it seems more about why he made the business like he did and his life’s decisions, than simply a story of his life. Early in the work, … Continue reading

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Android vs Apple iOS: The War is Over

I officially and hereby unequivocably declare that the war between the Android and Apple operating systems is over.  And the winner is… drum roll required…..Apple. And how do I know?  I used both and it is obvious. Ok, stand down … Continue reading

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Who’s Managing ‘Your’ Time?

Hundreds of books have been written and careers have be spent writing and advising on how to manage your time.  This won’t be one of those.  However, as one who is not that great at time management, I feel justifiably qualified … Continue reading

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How to Find the Right Balance in Your Employee Compensation Programs

Anytime the topic of compensation is raised, folks scatter to establish their positions on the proverbial compensation battlefield.  Finding the proper balance between wage and non-wage compensation has been topic for a number of years at my current firm, as we try to control … Continue reading

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Are you a good boss? The value of effective middle management.

Are you a good boss?  The value of effective middle management. This is a good snippet on the power of leading/teaching/mentoring. A colleague recently shared with me a study conducted by Kathryn Shaw and Edward Lazear of Stanford’s Graduate School … Continue reading

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No Problem

This won’t take long. As I dig through the rich earth that is business experience and best practices, I sometimes find the greatest discoveries are closest to the surface.  This is probably one of those cases. Since the beginning of … Continue reading

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