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Steve Jobs I walked to the window, opened it and looked to the street two stories below before pushing my IBM Selectric out and watching it shatter on the sidewalk into a million pieces. I calmly closed the window and walked down the hallway to one of my college roommates rooms to borrow his newly acquired Apple Macintosh. I knew that the Mac would give me more time and creative flexibility to finish that important assignment than ever before. For a procrastinator like me this was not just a good thing, it was college survival. I was a student at Drexel University. The year was 1984 and our lives had just changed forever.

For anyone who lived through this incredible period where the personal computer and Apple devices have become a necessary component of our everyday lives, reading “Steve Jobs” is not just a compelling history of this period but a fascinating look at the intensity, focus, and uncompromising confidence that was Steve Jobs.

Walter Isaacson provides an honest and uncensored biography of Steve Jobs that also reads like a “how to” book for the both developer and marketer of technology products. Through the interviews of former colleagues, industry execs, and business competitors, Isaacson chronicles Jobs’ role in the creation of Apple, extricating it from its early struggles, and guiding Apple to become one of the most influential and valuable companies in the world.


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